MK EPR Consult is a division of MK Eco Solutions and we have got rich experience in giving solutions for your Extended Producer Responsibility – EPR related activities in the Electronics & Plastics Waste Management. We have worked with many industry leaders in establishing a safe environment for their organizations and employee welfare.

We provide a birds-eye view on all the parameters required, keeping into account the statutory requirements of the government agencies, providing documentation support for the industries in the Extended Producer Responsibility authorization application process as well as in the implementation stages.

We assist in E-Waste licensing and permit consulting in the following areas:

  1. Electronic waste dismantling/recycling permits, authorization. Export license for Printed circuit boards.
  2. Extended Producer Responsibility authorization for Producers and also implementing the program as per the authorization.
  3. Consulting for International certifications like R2, RIOS, ISO14001.
  4. Technology and consulting for Plastics and Tyre Recycling in generating fuels.
  5. Bureau of Indian Standards – BIS certification for your import items are also done with us.

We can consult in setting up an Electronics waste dismantling or Recycling unit as per the guidelines by the Pollution Control Board. We will coordinate for the permits required and the authorization for dismantling/recycling.

The Electronics Recycling norms require you have an agreement for proper disposal of focus materials, we assist companies in establishing the agreements and enable them to get export permits for printed circuit boards.

Additional certifications like Responsible Recycling (R2) and Recycling Industry Operating Standards (RIOS) will enable electronic waste recycling companies to market better. We provide complete guidance in achieving those standards.

The licensing for certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards can be done as per the norms for different categories along with Type approval certificates.

In addition to all the above, we have developed a technology for handling plastic and tire waste for fuel conversion. We produce Hydrocarbon, Carbon Black, Non-Condensable Gas, Oil, and Steel.

Contact us for knowing the pre-requisites.