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Recycler Agreement
Application Submission to CPCB
Training the Staff
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Advanced Package
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Data Collection
Document Preparation & Verification
Recycler Agreement
Application Submission to CPCB
Training the Staff
Reverse Logistics Agreement
Warehousing Storage Agreement
Toll Free Number Coordination
Materials for Annual Seminars
Annual returns filing for 1 year

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Some of the frequently asked questions
in regards to EPR are answered below

What is extended producer responsibility India?

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is an initiative by the Indian government to add all of the environmental costs associated with a product throughout the product life cycle to the market price of that product.


In 2016 EPR was introduced into the Plastic Waste Management Rules. EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is designed to integrate the environmental costs connected with the goods throughout their life cycles. It encourages brands with financial incentives to create markets for reuse, buy-back, or recycling of materials. Companies can also delegate this responsibility to a third-party. 


EPR as an idea in the base sense is a good strategy by the government, the implementation is tricky by the companies involved. Informal waste workers are responsible for 90% of recycling that happens in developing countries. Companies are pouring out mass quantities of plastic to these areas, they are faced with trying to collect it in a broken, volatile recycling economy.


EPR requires producers to create market incentives for the reuse, buy-back, or recycling of their materials. However, the informal recycling economy poses major challenges to the quality of recycled material and the traceability of buy-back. Plastics for change is improving the quality assurance process in the recycling supply chain.

What is EPR in e-waste management?

According to the Environment Ministry, nearly 1.7 million tonnes of e-waste was produced in India in 2014. With this number increasing at the rate of four to five percent annually, the environment and to health and well being face many threats.


The government has stated that dealers or retailers “shall refund the amount as per take-back system or deposit refund scheme of the producer to the depositor of e-waste”. And refurbishers have to direct these wastes to authorized recyclers.


EPR in e-waste management is a big step forward by the government as it is taking control of recycling and managing e-waste in a formal manner which previously was handled by the informal sector in a dangerous way.

What is EPR certificate for import?

EPR certificate for import is the authorization given by the government that the manufacturer and importer will handle the recycling of the product at the end of its life cycle.


This certification is a must for the manufacturers of the following products to import and sell them: television, air conditioners, computers, laptops, mobile phones, telephones, and similar office products.

Is extended producer responsibility effective?

It is a necessary step taken by the government to initiate EPR, but the implementation still needs more time and effort. EPR has many benefits for the manufacturer, importer, and environment as it gives manufacturers an incentive to recycle and reuse their products at the end of its lifecycle.


As this is a rule imposed by the government the manufacturer has to take into account the recyclability and reusability of their products which gives them a need to use eco-friendly materials for their products.


By being eco-friendly the company itself has a good standing socially and also economically.This initiative also reduces the cost of waste management.

What is EPR Authorisation?

EPR authorization is a must for Manufacturer / Importer of product for E-waste management.EPR authorization is given by the Indian government stating that the Manufacturer / Importer of a product has the responsibility to control and collect the waste of their products by the end of its life cycle.


To apply for this authorization the company should submit the detailed plan of waste management and recycling of their product and an agreement with a recycling agency.

How do I get an EPR certificate?

The following documents are required to get an EPR certificate,


  Documents required for EPR Authorization For proprietary/LLP/OPC:

  1.  Proprietor/Authorized Signatory KYC
  2. Rent/Lease/Proof of ownership of the working site
  3. GST Certificate
  4. IEC code
  5. A sheet containing details of the imported items

     Documents required for EPR Authorization for public limited/private company:

  1. Above listed documents
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. PAN card of the company
  4. Memorandum of association
  5. Board declaration of authorized signatory

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